Safety Construction Inc. provide Barge and Tug Services to the Oil & Gas Offshore Industry. We are owners & operators of Offshore Barges, including accommodation units, Deck barges, Pipelay, Launch Barges, pontoons, incl submersibles for Dry Docking Rigs and Offshore platforms, Tugs and Offshore Service vessels, located in world wide positions.
We are interested to contact operators or contractors dealing with Offshore Projects, Exploration & Construction Offshore West Africa, Middle East and Far East, including projects where Barges, Tugs or Offshore Work vessels could be used, including platform and pipeline maintenance contracts.

Equipment Wanted | Ships / Vessels | Offshore Units
Equipment Wanted
  • 750-CFM to 2 000-CFM compressors that will maintain 150 PSI or greater, age not important.
  • 750-CFM to 2 000-CFM high pressure compressors that will maintain 175-250 PSI or greater, age not important.
  • Two 750-CFM to 900-CFM high pressure compressors that will maintain 250 PSI or greater, age not important.
    Similar to model xhp-750, preferably cat power.
  • Generators from 100 Kva to 1000 Kva, 230 V / 400 V, 50HZ.
  • Manitowoc 4600 or 4100, with or without ringers.
  • Two Link Belt 108-B cranes in good condition.
  • "Stiff Leg" crane with a 400 - 1 500 tons capacity.
  • 1980 or newer Manitowoc 4100 series II Crawler cranes.
  • 1985 or newer 100 to 800 tons Crawler cranes.
  • BE 88-B Heavy Duty, Lima
  • Clark 2400 or comparable for Clam Shell work.
  • All types of cranes from 200 up to 2000 tons lifting capacity.
  • Good to very good, PZ-27 or comparable Sheet Piles.
  • Good to very good, 12" - 14", H-Beams.
  • 48" diameter spiral weld pipe, 40 feet long with a .380 wall, amount required for the job is 500 tons.
DP Systems
Diesel Generator
Gas Turbines
Ships / Vessels
  • Ocean going AH Tugs, 3000 / 10000 BHP, looking for two units.
  • Oil Tanker, carrying petrol or diesel oil, 5000 / 9 000 M Tons DWT.
  • Bitumen (Asphalt) Good tanker, 3 000 to 8 000 M Tons. Any international class, age 12-15 years acceptable.
  • Wanted two Split Hopper Barges, 800m3 up to 4000m3, capacity for Africa or Middle East.
Offshore Units Required
  • DP (Dynamic Position) Vessels: Supply Vessels, Diving Support Vessels and Drill Ships.
  • Pontoon equipped with 150 tons crawler, minimum LOA 50m, Africa or Middle East.
  • Spud legged dredger with back-hoe / excavator, 18m depth.
  • Crane barge, min. 250' x 65' x 12', much larger units will be considered.
  • Deck Barges, 300' x 90' x 20' or larger units.
  • Jack-Up Rigs, suitable for water depths 250' / 350'.
  • Accomodation and construction barges.

Please provide all needful information such as condition reports, age, class, flag, price,
delivery, payment conditions and pictures will be helpful.

USA fax: (1)212-253-4216 or 888-264-8081 (toll free)

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